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We do serve aviation companies, flying schools (ATO´s) and other companies but no single buyers.

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You are the holder of an ATO or any other company with the need for uniforms with shoulder bars?


In this case please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about us and what we can do for you.

We would love to make you a custom-made offer for your needs to equip your pilots, employees and students with work wear. We have got access to more than 40.000 items and we are experienced in avaiation (as well as pilots).

Our satisfied customers (flying schools, airlines and aviation companies, as well firefighters and shipping companies) are using regularly our trouble-free and uncomplicated service and deliveries of clothes with and without customization (stiching or printing of Logo, names, etc.).


We dress your students or employee according to your own wishes.

  • you don´t need a huge stock of different sizes of the clothes
  • you don´t have a great time exposure concerning uniforms anymore
  • your student pilots will get trained visually into a professional aviation direction by wearing such an uniform
  • your flight training school or aviation company conveys a professional lasting impression to the outside
  • Corporate identity is given with each appearance



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We can customize almost all items with your company logo or any other motive.

We can offer you as well the key chains "remove before flight" with your company name or logo on one side (e.g. as giveaway).

Your company conveys a professional lasting impression to the outside and your employee or students advertise for your company.




Why are Uniforms such a big theme?

There are 3 reasons:

  1. Student pilots are choosing demonstrably flying schools which present themselves in the internet with pictures of student pilots wearing uniforms. They want to be one of them. That´s how a future pilot looks like and how they want to present themselves already during the education even if this pilot-life starts on a Cessna & Co.
  2. Many Indian, Arabic and African students approach Europe for their training. They have to be dressed because they expect this “service” like most of the non foreign students too.
  3. The airlines are thankful if new pilots start to work to whom they do not have to explain how to tie a tie and how to dress according to the company’s image. This is one of the most important point why establishing uniforms at the beginning of the course.



You are looking for a ferry pilot for Transatlantic crossings?


In this case you are very welcome to contact me: E-MAIL




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